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    Theraputic Massage

    Swedish massage techniques are at the foundation of the custom therapeutic massage. Want to relaxation? Check. Want to address those aching shoulders, unhappy low back, or tight hips? Check. My clients generally come to me for an over all feel good massage that rejuvenates the whole body and promotes deep relaxation while addressing their needs for that particular day. I typically work at a medium level; not light and fluffy but not 'no pain no gain'. I believe the body heals and restores homestasis best while you are relaxed and feeling good. Scar tissue and muscle "knots" can still be released and loosened but in a way that does cause the body to guard itself.  Custom therapeutic massage are great for reducing aches and pains, reducing stress, reducing pain associated with chronic circulations, increasing circulation, promoting relaxation and increasing mental clarity.

    Thai Massage

    60 min: $75.00 | 90 min: $105.00

    Often called ‘lazy man’s yoga’, Thai Massage, is a unique and specific form of body work that is performed on a natural fiber man in loose clothing. Thai massage uses a rhythmic sequence of stretches and massage that work to increase flexibility, circulation, and ‘lom’ (similar to prana, qi, or vial life energy). Through the years I have had clients with chronic low back and hip pain switch to regular thai massage to because the find it more comfortable and work more rewarding. Great for athletes, deep relaxation, sore muscles and stiff joints!

    Foot Treatment

    Stand Alone: $35 | Add On: $20

    Treat your tootsies! Thai Foot Massage techniques provide the basis of my foot treatments. Each massage starts with a hot towel wrap and application of essential oils. From there the lower legs and feet are worked in a rhythmic fashion to relax the whole body. Once the feet are warmed and relaxed more direct pressure is applied to energy lines and reflex points along the feet, ankles and lower leg. Unlike western foot reflexology which is often designed to treat specific ailments and is sometimes painful, Thai foot massage is designed to balance and promote deep relaxation by stimulating and balancing all reflex points on the feet and feels great! Perfect when you need to take care of yourself but are watching the clock or budget. Serious bang for your buck.

    - Can be done independently or as an add on

    - 20  minutes

    'Life Stage' Massage

    60 min: $75.00 | 90 min: $105.00 | $15.00 + $1.00/minute

    Like the Therapeutic Massage this treatment option is designed to take into account every need of the recipient. Pressure, technique, positioning, oils, and duration will all be adjust to fit your needs.


    Pregnancy is a major transition for mom's and taking the time to take care of your body, rest, and process is important. Nourish yourself so you can nourish your newborn. Postnatal is also, of course, a time of change and often new stresses to the mind and body. Find the time and continue to take care of yourself!

    Massage is becoming widely recommended as a complementary therapy for people undergoing treatment for cancer. The body of research is also growing that shows the many benefits. I hold a Certificate of Completion in ‘Massage for People Living with Cancer’ and volunteered at St. Charles in the Infusion Room offering foot massage for a year.  Each session is tailored to your needs and will vary in length and intensity based on your needs that day.

    - Brief phone interview required prior to first appointment   - Home visits available. 

    - If you are currently undergoing treatment OR have received treatment for cancer at any point in your life it is very important to inform you massage therapist, wether that therapist be me or someone else. 

    Over the years I have worked with adults and children with various development, physical, and intellectual disabilities. I would be happy to consult with you to see if how I may be able to fit you needs or those of of a loved one. There are many options when it comes to how therapeutic touch is provided and does not require the receiver to be on the massage table as we often imagine when thinking of massage. 

    Coming Soon

    Trauma Informed Massage

    Infant Massage

    Palliative/Hospice Massage 

    I look forward to providing wtih a safe and restoring space while you are going through challenging life stages and changes.

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